What Messages Do We Want To Leave With the Community?

Safety: The safety of our employees is our most important consideration.
Integrity: Relationships are based on open communication, trust, and confidence in our ability to do the job. Our integrity is the foundation upon which these elements are developed and expanded.
Teamwork: We promote and foster teamwork at all levels within our company and with our industry partners.
Respect For Individuals: We recognize and value the diversity in our workforce.
Respect For The Environment: KS is committed to safeguarding the fragile northern echo system in which we live and operate every day.
Respect For Communities: To the greatest extent possible we are committed to providing employment and business opportunities within the communities in which Kivalliq Services works.


Kivalliq Services is a company that encourages people to maximize their potential by setting goals and staying committed to those goals. We place emphasis on education and training, which provides people with the tools to develop and expand their talents and contributes to the growth of employment opportunities in the Kivalliq Region.