About Us

Kivalliq Services Ltd, drawing on the years of knowledge and expertise of its management team and Inuit partners, delivers dependable and comprehensive site services, expediting, construction, earthworks,open pit mining, logistics, supply, site infrastructure, road building and freight handling to Canada's mining industry.

“Together the partners of Kivalliq Services Ltd share decades of Northern business experience, injecting the Kivalliq Region with employment opportunity and long term impact.”

Who is Kivalliq Services Ltd?

Kivalliq Services Ltd is the combined effort of three successful Inuit businesses currently servicing the communities; and exploration and mining companies within the Kivalliq Region, Nunavut, Canada:

Peter’s Expediting Ltd – Baker Lake, Nunavut
Northern Networks Ltd – Arviat, Nunavut
Nuna Kivalliq Earthworks Inc – Rankin Inlet, Nunavut

Why Did We Form?

Using the combined experience of our three partners, we provide our clients with the option of using a local Inuit Kivalliq company with the capacity and expertise to take on larger projects offering a wide range of services. Having partners in three Kivalliq communities not only benefits the project community, but the Region as a whole.

We value our community

Nuna Kivalliq Earthworks Inc

Nuna Kivalliq Earthworks Inc is a majority Inuit owned company and is 100% owned by Nuna Logistics Limited.

Nuna Logistics was formed in 1993 and is a 51% Inuit-owned “northern company” under the Inuit Impact and Benefits Agreements.

Nuna specializes in remote, cold region logistical, construction and mining services to Canada’s northern mining industry; utilizing the knowledge and expertise of its management team and Inuit partners, familiar with arctic operations.

Northern Networks Ltd

is the majority Inuit owned division of Eskimo Point Lumber Supply.

Northern Networks was established in 1993 and obtained certification of Inuit firm status pursuant to Article 24 of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement, May 29, 1995.

Founded upon the values of honesty, hard work and service to the community, this family owned business takes pride in providing Inuit employment. The dedication and experience of our management team provides us the stability and financial security needed to better assist our growing clientele. Allow our savoir-faire and expertise to work for you.

Peter’s Expediting Ltd

Peter’s Expediting Ltd provides logistics services to resource development companies operating projects in the Kivalliq Region of Nunavut. Peter’s Expediting is a majority Inuit owned and registered company employing a 100% Inuit workforce that can get your freight from anywhere in the world to Nunavut.

Backed by three decades of Braden-Burry Expediting experience in expediting and northern logistics, the BBE-PEL partnership is an excellent example of Northerners working together to benefit from the expansion of mineral exploration in Canada's remote north.